What Tools Do You Use?


We will review your day-to-day nutrition and ensure you are optimizing your nutrient intake through the foods you eat. Food is one of the most important medicines and this is a large focus of my practice.

Herbs and Teas

In my practice, I frequently use herbal teas as well as herbs in tablet or tincture (liquid) form to help support the body to heal; balancing the nervous system, digestive systems, hormonal pathways, and so forth, using the healing power of plants.


My goal is to minimize the number of “pills” my patients take, including in terms of vitamins and supplements. In some cases, some individuals may not be able to ingest in food quantities, amounts large enough to reach an effective healing dose, in which case we may use vitamins or supplements containing various vitamins, minerals, and herbs to restore health.


This form of medicine is thousands of years old and rooted in ancient and modern Chinese medical practices to restore health. During a session, various points along specific meridians may be stimulated using fine needles (acupuncture) or fingertip pressure (acupressure) to rebalance your health.


Homeopathy involves the use of dilute substances to heal the body. This type of medicine can be very helpful for young babies and children, pregnant women, and people of a sensitive nature because they are so gentle, safe and effective.

Laboratory Testing

In some cases, it may be necessary for me to order blood work, urine cultures, pap tests, stool tests, and so forth. Many patients see me for food intolerance testing or salivary hormone testing as well. These tests are not covered by OHIP at your ND’s office, however some extended health care plans may cover some or a portion of these costs.

Stress Reduction Techniques

High levels of stress is a common concern most of us face. I spend a lot of time in my practice teaching people activities and mindfulness techniques to help calm the mind and body so that they can relax.


There is undeniably something very therapeutic and healing in having the space and time to share your story and have it heard and validated. Often this is one of the most key pieces to healing. To be able to express one’s self in a compassionate and accepting environment has huge benefits to one’s health and well-being.  

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