Nourish Your Mind in 3 Simple Steps

Nourish your Mind in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Mindful breathing. The breath may be the single most powerful healing tool we have. It’s always with us, it costs us nothing, we just have to remember to use it effectively. Periodically throughout the day, remind yourself to take some slow, deep belly breaths. Focus on how the breath feels moving in and out of your body. Notice if you feel restricted in any places-and try to breathe into these areas if you do. One of my most favourite breathing mantras is to breathe in “let” and breathe out “go”, using the breath as a constant reminder to be in the present and let go of the past. As thoughts come up (and they will!) try to shift your focus back to the breath, gently labelling your thoughts “thinking” if you need to. The point is not to be judgemental or hard on yourself. Thoughts will come even for the most focused yogi or monk. The point is to bring your wandering mind back to the breath each time and to keep on practicing. .
  2. Allow yourself to play. In our fast paced world, even children are often not playing the way they used to. Whether you are a child, or child at heart, it’s important to allow yourself time and space to let go and have fun. Try swinging on a swing at a park (which you will come across because you’ve been nourishing your body daily with a walk!). Buy some markers, crayons, or playdough and just have fun. Go to a bookstore and browse the children’s book aisel. Engaging our inner child can have such a profound effect on our mood and will nourish your mind, allowing you time to let go and have fun so that you can recharge and have better focus for tomorrow’s meeting or project.
  3. Create. Give yourself permission to create and connect with a media form that resonates with you. It could be journalling, singing, painting, making arts and crafts, woodworking, sewing, playing an instrument. gardening, cooking, the options are endless. Spending some time engaging our creative brains allows us to focus our attention in the present and working with our hands has numerous therapeutic benefits.
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