H.O.P.E. Approach Retreats

Outdoor Adventure is linked to development of self-confidence, resilience, problem solving skills, and leadership.  Building a better person for tomorrow takes putting in the work today.  Through The HOPE Approach (Health and Outdoor Physical Education), an Outdoor Adventure Challenge Program, we specialize in development of character and strengthening of identity.

Moving forward in an anxious and fearful state is not a recipe for success. By building a better sense of self through our program, you can challenge the world with newfound confidence and self-esteem.

Please join us for a life changing experience that will surely lead to fulfillment and balance.

A variety of day hiking\as well as weekend back-country camping retreats are available and can be tailored to suit needs of the participant.

Dates available upon request

Fees & Locations:

Day Hiking Retreat  starting at $50
Location: Bruce Trail

Weekend Back-country Retreats (2 nights) starting at $800-$1200/per person (depending on size of group).
Location: Frontenac Provincial Park (just north of Kingston, ON)


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