Traditional Chinese Medicine

Embracing the Fall

September 27, 2013

Fall is a fascinating time in nature. Trees embrace a time of great change and let their leaves go. Animals and humans alike tend to be busier and the collective energy of the environment picks up as a whole. Use this time of change to reflect on what is no longer needed in your life […]

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Nurturing Your Fire Element

July 21, 2013

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer corresponds with the Fire element. Do you know what organ is associated with this element? The heart of course! The corresponding emotion? Joy! Here are some ways you can nourish your Fire element: Do more things daily that bring your joy. Surround yourself with relationships that make you smile and feel […]

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Spring: A time of growth and transformation

April 4, 2013

Spring is upon us (even if the weather is undecided) and we are amidst a time of new beginnings, growth, and transformation. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is an important organ to support at this time. This is especially true if you have been feeling frustrated, irritable, or angry. Experiencing these emotions can be signs of “Stagnated Liver Qi”, […]

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5 Foods To Warm You Up

January 31, 2013

With all this cold and dreary (and now wet) weather we’ve been having, why not use your nutrition choices to help keep you warm? Here’s a list of 5 foods that are sure to warm you from the inside out! 1. Beans and lentils. Incorporate them to into your next soup for an added warming effect […]

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Autumn: The Season of Letting Go

November 4, 2012

Autumn is a season of change, of letting go. Trees are loosing their leaves, flowers die, and animals are preparing to go into hibernation. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is paired with an emotion, and autumn is paired with grief and letting go. So why not follow the rhythm of nature and use this […]

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The Ups and Downs of Anger

September 9, 2012

As a society in general, we are often uncomfortable with displays of anger and feel it is an emotion we “shouldn’t” feel or discuss. There is a common sense of “I must be a bad person if I feel angry” and so choose to ignore it. Anger that is unexpressed can become harmful as it turns into […]

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Put an End to Period Pain!

August 1, 2012

Many women suffer from menstrual period pain, however did you know that it is possible to have a period without pain?! In fact, a “normal” period should cause little to no pain! Shocked? Read on to learn more about how a naturopathic doctor can address your menstrual concerns. Naturopathic doctors are trained to identify the cause of your period […]

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How to Cook Kale

November 13, 2011

Many of my patients know I frequently encourage them to eat dark green leafy vegetables, such as kale. The first road block we normally hit is “do you have any good kale recipes?” I’m not sure why kale remains such a mystery. Here are some ideas to put your mind at ease and hopefully get you […]

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Words of Inspiration

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment”                                                                                                ~Lao Tzu

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