Did you know there may be antibiotics in products that you use everyday?

Yes, the antibiotic, triclosan, is a common ingredient found in many everyday household products, including various hand sanitizers, soaps, mouth washes, toothbrushes, toys, kitchen items, etc. Some examples include Colgate Total toothpaste and Bath and Body Works’ line of antibacterial soaps. What’s the big deal? Not only does the overuse of antibiotics lead to antibiotic resistance, it also kills the “good” bacteria that are involved in regulation of our immune systems. Even more concerning is that low-dose use of this antibiotic in animals has been linked to hormonal disruption, particularly with the thyroid gland. Globally, triclosan is also having an impact on our environment and is causing harm to aquatic ecosystems.  

What does this mean for you? Avoid all products that list the ingredient triclosan. If you choose to use hand sanitizers, select alcohol based products and avoid purchasing or using products that are labelled “antibacterial.”

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