Do I have a Food Intolerance?

Food intolerances are quite common. Intolerances¬†¬†are different from¬†the well known¬†anaphylactic shock that many people can¬†experience after exposure to peanuts or penicillin. Food intolerances can be more complicated. They can be more insidious and harder to pin point. Symptoms can be wide-ranging, from anything from digestive issues, skin rashes, arthritis, migraines,¬†to mood symptoms, and beyond. Food […]

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Stretch Marks Be Gone!

With¬†beach getaways in full swing and warmer weather on the horizon,¬†some of¬†my patients have been asking me how to naturally¬†reduce the appearance of stretch marks.¬†One remedy that I have seen great results with¬†is castor oil.¬†Why castor¬†oil? Massaging this oil onto¬†stretch marks daily helps to increase blood flow which promotes tissue healing and repair. Topical Vitamin […]

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Healthy Skin Starts in Your Kitchen!

Healthy skin may be closer than you think! Take a look in your kitchen or local grocery store for some natural remedies to help you achieve clear, healthy skin. ¬† 1.¬†Ground Flaxseed: this fiber-rich food source¬†promotes regular bowel movements which helps eliminate toxic substances from the body. It also contains phytoestrogens which can¬†help¬†balance hormone¬†irregularities that […]

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