Healthy Skin Starts in Your Kitchen!

Healthy skin may be closer than you think! Take a look in your kitchen or local grocery store for some natural remedies to help you achieve clear, healthy skin.
1. Ground Flaxseed: this fiber-rich food source promotes regular bowel movements which helps eliminate toxic substances from the body. It also contains phytoestrogens which can help balance hormone irregularities that can contribute to acne.
2. Green Tea: rich in the compound ECGC, which balances hormones by reducing androgen levels.
3. Eliminate Dairy: eliminating all dairy sources for a number of months can often help clear up acne. Consider replacing milk with almond or soy milk. Love cheese? You can find dairy-free cheese alternatives at your local health food stores.
4. Leafy Greens: consuming a diet high in bitter flavoured, leafy, green vegetables stimulates the liver, an important detoxification organ. Consider adding kale, dandelion, Swiss chard or collard greens to your daily salad or wrap.
5. Lemon Water: starting your day with a glass of warm lemon water stimulates your bowels, helping to eliminate toxins that may be aggravating your skin.
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