Letting Go

“Letting go” means to release and relax. There are many ways to embrace change and move forward and as we begin to prepare for a new year, you may want to consider what things you are holding onto that no longer serve you.

How can you “let go”?

  • Pay attention to your breath-it is a method of elimination. Practice slow, mindful, and conscious breathing for 2 -5 minutes a day. With each breath in think of the work “let” and with each breath out think of the word “go.”
  • Write a letter to a loved one or person that has hurt you.  Do not censor yourself. Rather than giving it to the person, consider destroying the letter in a safe way (such as shredding it, ripping it, etc.)
  • Get regular physical activity. Sweating and increasing the breath serve to help rid your body of toxins and stressful emotions.
  • Regular bowel movements, urination, and (if you are female) menses are methods of elimination.  Ensure these pathways are working optimally so that you are physically “letting go”.
  • The voice can also serve as a means of elimination and letting go. Remember to choose your words carefully and communicate your needs to those around you in an assertive and compassionate way.