Natural First Aid

Summer is now upon us and many of us will be spending more time travelling, cottaging, and outdoors. Here’s a low down on what to pack in your “natural first aid kit” and to take with you on your next trip:

  • Basic first aid kit: Purchase a ready-made kit or make your own with essentials like: gloves, band-aids, gauze, first aid tape, tensor bandages, triangular bandages, safety pins, first aid scissors, pocket mask, instant ice pack, first aid guide, blanket, etc.
  • Tea tree oil: A natural disinfectant (topical use only) to cleanse skin and minor cuts. Dilute and rinse affected areas as needed. Do NOT ingest.
  • Eucalyptus oil: An effective decongestant for coughs and colds. Add few drops to a steam inhalation and inhale the infused steam to reduce congestion. To soothe coughs and break up phlegm, massage onto chest/throat by adding a few drops of eucalyptus to 1-2 teaspoons of castor or olive oil. Do NOT ingest.
  • Witch hazel: Keep this on hand if you tend to get hemorrhoids. Soak some gauze in witch hazel and apply compress directly to hemorrhoids to help tone veins. Also helps heal minor bruises and cuts, and can be applied topically to bug bites.
  • Calendula cream: Every first aid kit should include this cream! Excellent topical for minor cuts, burns, sunburns and skin irritations. Do NOT use on deep wounds or puncture wounds.
  • Aloe gel: Apply topically to sunburns or burns.
  • Arnica cream: Apply topically to any sprains/strains, sore muscles, or joints.
  • Electrolyte replacement: Helpful to prevent and treat dehydration, heat exhaustion, diarrhea, and hangovers. You can also purchase vitamin C and B vitamin containing sachets that also work well for these concerns.
  • Ginger candies or capsules: Useful to treat nausea and motion sickness. Caution in pregnancy.
  • Melatonin: Great for resetting circadian rhythm if you have changed time zones. Take 1-3mg 20-30 mins before bed, under the tongue.