Optimize Your Immune System

When the temperature starts yo-yoing, this can do a number on our immune systems. With cooler nights already upon us and school just around the corner, it is key to start optimizing your immune system! Here are some naturopathic remedies to keep your immune system strong:

  • Good old hand washing! Remember to wash thoroughly using warm water and soap before/after touching food, blowing your nose, using the washroom, etc. Remind your kids to sing the “Happy Birthday” song (TWICE!) to ensure they are washing their hands long enough!
  • Reduce refined sugar and dairy. Sugar is a fuel for microbes and dairy contributes to mucous formation, so go easy on foods containing these ingredients and increase fruits, veggies, and whole grains.
  • Probiotics. These good bacteria are important to outcompete the “bad” ones and also help regulate your immune system.
  • Do deep breathing. Not only does deep breathing help relax your mind and body, research shows it helps boost your immune system too! Try to take 10 slow, deep, breaths at least once daily and check out my earlier posts on deep breathing/meditation for some starter ideas.
  • Drink green tea-lots! Green tea is packed with anti-oxidants and immune fighting properties and helps fight everything from the common cold to cancer. It comes in a multitude of flavours, so find one you like and have multiple cups of it daily!
  • Alternating hot and cold showers. Use a little hydrotherapy to stimulate your immune system! Have a hot shower for 5-10 minutes followed by a cold blast for 30-60 seconds. Repeat the cycle a few times and be sure to always end on a cold temperature.
  • Astragalus root tea. This mild tasting tea has a strong action on the immune system and can be used to prevent and treat the common cold. Drink a cup a day to prevent getting a cold!

Getting frequent colds and flus? Book an appointment with your naturopathic doctor to get to the root of your poor immunity and to start building it back up!