5 Tips to Improve your Nutrition

Missed my recent seminar on Making Healthy Nutrition Choices? Here are some quick tips to help you get more benefit out of the foods you eat:


  1. Choose more whole foods. If it comes in a box, wrapper, or plastic, chances are it is a nutrient poor choice (take for example a bag of chips or cookies, canned soup, etc.). These foods are more likely to be higher in unnecessary additives, sugar, trans fats, and lack important vitamins minerals.  Increase your consumption of good quality foods like fruits and veggies, raw nuts and seeds, and fresh poultry and fish. These foods are going to be higher in fiber, contain healthy fats, and are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. Make time to meal plan. Carve out some time in your schedule before your next grocery shopping. Note what groceries you have and what you need. Reflect on the days coming and think about meals that you will have time to make. If you are trying out new recipes, make sure you add any new ingredients to your list! And while shopping, stick to the periphery of the store where fresh fruits and veggies, fresh chicken and fish, and bulk items like nuts and seeds are located.
  3. Try to make half your meal consist of veggies. This is such an easy way to track whether or not you are getting enough vegetables! Harvard’s latest Food Guide uses this idea-to learn more, check out this link : http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/pyramid/
  4. Drink green tea (and nix pop and coffee). Green tea comes in both caffeinated and decaffeinated forms. This tea is loaded with cancer-fighting and immune boosting antioxidants and also contains a compound called L-theanine, which benefits sleep and concentration.
  5. Remember the 80/20 rule! No one has to be perfect! When it comes to nutrition, remember that the more often you make healthier choices, the better your mood, energy, and body will be.  It is ok to treat yourself once in a while, just be sure you balance it out with some healthier choices before and after. Make it your goal to choose healthy, whole foods at least 80% of the time or more and save “treats” for 20% or less of the time.

Simply Healthy, Simply Strong