Embracing the Fall

Fall is a fascinating time in nature. Trees embrace a time of great change and let their leaves go. Animals and humans alike tend to be busier and the collective energy of the environment picks up as a whole. Use this time of change to reflect on what is no longer needed in your life and use the falling leaves in the environment to be your guide. Think of the “leaves” in your life that you are ready to surrender and let go of.


Maybe it is time to eliminate unhealthy nutrition or sleep habits. Maybe it is time to declutter your closets, home, or office. Perhaps you need to reduce interactions with toxic relationships in your life. Maybe it is time to let go of negative self-talk that repeats in your brain. Whatever the case, do something symbolic to represent the “letting go” of these old ways. Go for a walk outside (the Bruce and Waterfront Trails in Hamilton are some great places to start!) and notice the changes happening in nature. Jot down some thoughts or old habits on a piece of paper and safely burn, bury, or shred it. Donate or sell “stuff” that you no longer need. Most importantly, reflect on the kind of life you want to live and create the space so that you can do so!

Simply Healthy, Simply Strong