Improving through COVID-19: Telemedicine

As your ND, I pride myself at being innovative, flexible, and problem solving in the face of the unexpected. COVID-19 has certainly tested all of us, and it’s made me get more creative with my practice. At the onset of the week, I proactively shifted visits to Telemedicine consults. This is an innovative aspect of healthcare, and I am excited to add it to my practice. The silver lining of COVID-19, is that it’s allowing me to expand an area of practice I had been wanting to dive deep into in the last few years. I am offering the same quality care you’re familiar with, with you in the comfort of your home (or where ever you choose to be).

How to Access Virtual Consults

The program that you already book your appointments through (Jane App) is quickly developing an integrative interface that I will likely switch to, but in the meantime, visit my virtual clinic at (spoiler alert, I usually am at the clinic during the consults). Using either your computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Click the link
  • Enter your name
  • Enable your microphone & camera: you may need to go to the settings of the browser to do so.
  • “Wait” a “virtual waiting room” until I begin the video chat.

***Chrome or Safari are most compatible.

You can test out the link anytime for fun to see the “virtual waiting room”.


  • Complies with the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act
  • Allows us to see one another
  • Enhances our connection/rapport
  • Does not require you to download any applications. 

I’ve been using it all week and my patients have found it really easy to use!

Feedback I’ve received:

  • ” Thank you for creating this option, talk soon.”
  • ” I love that you are able to connect with people during this time!”

Privacy Issues?

Some patients have commented that they don’t want members of their household to know what they are saying; solutions for this? Hide out in your car (not while driving of course) or hide away in your basement or bedroom.

Communication Accessibility

If you don’t have access to a webcam or smartphone, or feel up for a virtual session, not to worry, we can simply talk over the phone.

Keep in Touch!

Looking forward to connecting with you! Hope you all have been doing well. Would love to hear what you’ve been up to during COVD-19.

Wishing you all much strength and health!

Dr. Lisa Tabrizi ND