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With COVID-19 impacting our lives in all kinds of ways, I was motivated to provide a space of positivity and self-confidence in turbulent times. Though it has been difficult for us all to maintain routine during isolation, this does not mean that we cannot still engage as a community for hope and balanced healthy living. And so, Simply Healthy, Simply Strong Facebook Community Group was established. Click Here to access the group

Simply Healthy, Simply Strong, is a space that allows us to connect, discuss, run live streams, and share creative posts that focus on emotional/mental health, family, active living, and building a sense of confidence in self-identity. Come join us, and share your insights, perspectives, and philosophies in a welcoming space. If you have a home exercise, a tasty recipe, or even a craft/creative piece you want to share, please do!  Warmth, strength, and care for ourselves & each other, will promote good health through this moment into the future.

In the community group, alongside my partner, Ryan Kasperowitsch (professor of Outdoor Education), we discuss initiatives in balancing healthy living and outdoor adventure to promote resilience, self-efficacy, and mental fortitude.  We have a weekly live stream where we engage in general discussions regarding outdoor and health philosophies, which provides great perspectives on living a fulfilling life through nature and activity. We have also interviewed experts in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, and outdoor recreation, with a focus on topics of mental health and resilience. You can view any of the past live streams on the Group’s page. Check back regularly as we plan to offer a variety of interviews to benefit our physical and mental wellbeing.

Please join us, and let’s create a new movement towards positive and hopeful paradigms.  Put control back in your own hands, and build your personal story of sensational and extraordinary experiences through COVID-19.

As always, I love hearing from you and learning what you’ve been up to. Feel free to drop me a quick email or call to let me know how you have been keeping :-).

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Wishing you continued health and strength,

Dr. Lisa