Invigorate Your Day with Hot & Cold Showers

Want to feel more energized, boost your immune system, and stimulate your metabolism? Start each morning with an alternating hot and cold shower! By altering the temperature of your shower, you can help stimulate your nervous, immune, and circulatory systems so that they are functioning at their best. Sound daunting? Start with having your usual shower and end with a 10-30 second cold blast. As you become more comfortable you can work towards alternating with a 5 minute hot phase followed by a 1 minute cold phase. You can go back and forth as many times are you like, just remember to keep the hot phase longer than the cold, and to always end on a cold phase.

Caution: Do not try alternating hot and cold showers if you have any condition that causes an alteration in temperature or pain sensation (such as diabetes, AIDS, cancer, physical injuries, etc) to avoid burning your skin.