What Can Lobsters Teach Us About Stress?!

I recently attended a conference on stress and during one of the talks, we were shown a video in which a rabbi compared stress and adversity to a lobster and its shell. Lobsters continually grow and shed their shells. When their current shell gets too tight and uncomfortable, they know that it’s time to shed their old shell to make way for the new. The stimulus for their growth? The fact that their shell is restricting and confining… and the fact that they feel UNCOMFORTABLE!

What does this mean for us at humans? Perhaps we can begin to think about how we could use a period of stress and adversity as an opportunity for personal growth and change, an opportunity to develop into our higher selves and “shed our old shells”. Unfortunately, many people choose to avoid or numb pain and stress with drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, or even just plain denial and avoidance. Why not take the message in this video and try to alter your perception of stress and adversity and reflect on what it has to teach you. To help aid you in your reflection, try going for walk, journalling, or talking to someone in your support network and see what your stress can teach you. And remember that you are not alone, your Naturopathic Doctor is here to support you, so let us help!

To watch the video, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aDXM5H-Fuw