5 Foods To Warm You Up

warming cup of soup

With all this cold and dreary (and now wet) weather we’ve been having, why not use your nutrition choices to help keep you warm? Here’s a list of 5 foods that are sure to warm you from the inside out!

1. Beans and lentils. Incorporate them to into your next soup for an added warming effect and to boost your protein intake!

2. Ginger root tea. Ginger has a bit of a spicy kick to it that warms the body and also settles digestion.

3. Garlic, onions, and leeks. This family is great at warming our circulation and they are also packed with anti-microbial abilities to help you keep that winter cold and flu away (the only downside is your breath might be so bad you might keep others away too)!

4. Winter Squash. This in-season fruit (yes! it’s considered a fruit!) can be served roasted or can be added to your favourite soup. This orange coloured fruit is also high in carotenoids which are beneficial for your eye health.

5.  Cooking spices. Add more cinnamon, rosemary, cumin, and basil to your soups and stir frys to help warm yourself up. Cooking spices help stimulate production of proper digestive juices and in Chinese Medicine, they warm our digestive fire too!