Spring: A time of growth and transformation

Spring is upon us (even if the weather is undecided) and we are amidst a time of new beginnings, growth, and transformation. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is an important organ to support at this time. This is especially true if you have been feeling frustrated, irritable, or angry. Experiencing these emotions can be signs of “Stagnated Liver Qi”, […]

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Do I have a Food Intolerance?

Food intolerances are quite common. Intolerances  are different from the well known anaphylactic shock that many people can experience after exposure to peanuts or penicillin. Food intolerances can be more complicated. They can be more insidious and harder to pin point. Symptoms can be wide-ranging, from anything from digestive issues, skin rashes, arthritis, migraines, to mood symptoms, and beyond. Food […]

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Have You Had Your Annual Check Up?

Did you know that naturopathic doctors are trained to perform physical exams? We are able to complete head-to-toe examinations and cover the whole nine-yards, checking your heart, lungs, abdominal organs, eyes, ears, throat, lymph nodes, reflexes, skin, hair, nails, and so on. We can also complete breast, pap, and prostate exams. As your ND, I am dedicated to giving […]

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Powerful Pomegranate

Did you know pomegranates are one of the most healing of fruits? The health benefits of pomegranates stem from their high concentration of antioxidant- rich polyphenols. Research has shown that pomegranates can: Lower blood pressure Lower LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (the good cholesterol) Fight against cancer (particularly breast, prostate, colon, lung, and […]

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