Yoga: You know it’s good for you, so why avoid it?

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Yoga has been around for over 5000 years (some sources say over 10 000!). In recent times, yoga has gained a lot of popularity, due to its benefits for health. Many of you are likely already aware of the benefits it can have on your physical strength, stress relief, cardiovascular system, and balance & flexibility.  And yet, so many of my patients express to me how they would like to try yoga but are intimidated going to a yoga studio surrounded by “experienced yogis”.


If this resonates with you, we have an exciting opportunity! Jennifer Tabrizi, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, will be offering private (one-on-one) yoga classes at the clinic on Sundays.


Jen Tabrizi

Jennifer has a gentle approach for those who are hesitant to try yoga. She knows that beginners often feel embarrassed, self-conscious, and intimidated over the hype of a busy studio. If you’re working one -on- one with Jennifer, trust that she will make you feel comfortable in the privacy of your own session. You also have the bonus of having an experienced teacher offer you immediate feedback. In trusting you’re doing the poses correctly, you can remain more present in your practice while also preventing injuries.

Jennifer’s sessions create a sense of connection, calmness, and serenity. No need to be focused on trying to “keep up with the class” as the class is geared entirely towards you! Are you looking for a beginner class, a strength building class, or have another goal in mind? Jennifer is adaptable and flexible so that she can meet your individual goals and needs.

Remember that in Jennifer’s private class, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time (i.e. you don’t have to wait until the end of class). This in turn, will help you develop more confidence in your form, as well as your own body awareness. One of the most important aspects of yoga is that it will provide you with the space to learn to connect with your breath. With practice, you will begin to see the ripple effect of how the energy of your time on the mat will start to expand into how you operate in your every day life.

Ready to get started? Email Jennifer at [email protected] or text her at 647-821-7728. Sessions are 45 minutes and are $60.